Feds to prosecute defendants in local drug bust


Two men arrested by authorities in the parking lot of a local motel with $9,000 worth of methamphetamine Friday will be tried by federal prosecutors, according to Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force spokesperson and Marshall County Sheriff Steve Hoffman.

Reymundo Yanez Pacheco, 26, and Javier Contreras Arredondo, 30, are scheduled to have their detention and preliminary hearings Wednesday in U.S. Federal Court, Southern District of Iowa in Des Moines before Judge Celeste Holm, according to court records.

KCCI and Des Moines Register reported a member of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office pulled over a Jeep driven by Yanez Pacheco for speeding on Interstate 80 April 9, according to court records. Drug dogs found more than 40 pounds of white crystallized meth among 36 packages hidden in the Jeep.

Yanez Pacheco told authorities he purchased the drugs from a man in Tijuana, Mexico, known as “Chuy.” After picking the drugs up in California, he rented a Jeep to bring the narcotics to a man in Marshalltown whom he had never met, but who knew “Chuy,” officials said.

Yanez Pacheco agreed to take police to the Marshalltown man, court records show. He told police he planned to meet the man on the other end of the drug deal, but only knew him as “Chilango.” Authorities later identified “Chilango” as Javier Contreras Arredondo. They were to meet in the parking lot of the Super 8 in Marshalltown.

Authorities put a recording device on Yanez Pacheco ahead of the meeting. They arrested Contreras Arredondo as soon as he put the package of drugs in his car after the deal.

Police found eight more pounds of meth in Contreras Arredondo’s home in the 1000 block of South Center Street in Marshalltown following the arrest, court records show.