School counselors assist in a variety of ways

School counselors in the Marshalltown Community School District work with parents, school staff and the community to help all children achieve academic success, as well as, improving personal and social development and career readiness skills. School counselors provide education, prevention and early intervention through a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program. As a counselor we may meet with students to provide immediate support and if the support continues we will communicate our services to the child’s family.

You may wonder, “What is counseling?” Well “counseling” for a school counselor is “helping normal people with normal problems.” Sometimes these problems aren’t even problems, but confusing or difficult situations. Sometimes counselors visit about good or exciting happenings too, the kinds of things kids just have to share! Some situations are “adult size” and a child needs to have another adult carry that situation for them, so they can be a kid.

Elementary school counselors provide lessons to all the student body through a guidance curriculum, which includes academic, personal/social and career. Some of the topics may include: school success skills, goal setting transitions, study skills and organization, identifying strengths and areas of growth, emotional management, problem solving skills and life skills.

The mission of the MCSD elementary professional school counselors is to advocate for all students and provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of every student in the district.

With the collaborative effort of school personnel, families, and community resources we strive to ensure that our students can be intellectually and personally empowered for citizenship in a changing world. Elementary school counselors in the school district include myself at Anson, Sue Cleveringa at Fisher, Karen Mussig at Franklin, Eugene Ubben at Hoglan, Mark Church at Rogers and Heidi Williams at Woodbury.


Ashley Chyma is school counselor at Anson Elementary School in the Marshalltown Community School District.