Executing the mission statement

Provide Strategic Leadership and Facilitate Collaboration: the Mission Statement of the Marshalltown Regional Partnership (MRP). Those two services are assets MRP provides the entire community and region while working to help and be a connector for area businesses, organizations, and not-for-profit entities. Having a mission statement for an organization is important, as it helps explain the organization’s purpose. But, an organization’s mission statement really becomes meaningful when the organization is able to execute that mission statement, in this case, for the overall good of our community and county.

MRP recently had an opportunity to execute our mission statement in a way about which we can all feel good. Let me set the scene: A couple of weeks ago we received an e-mail from Mayor Jim Lowrance regarding the “de-appropriation talk” taking place at the State Capitol in Des Moines. Mayor Lowrance’s concern pertained to the backfill funds (replacement funds) promised to the cities and counties for the Commercial Property Tax Rollback that took place about three years ago. The “de-appropriation talk” was concerning because of the possibility the backfill funds promised to the cities and counties would no longer be available. At this point Mayor Lowrance asked if MRP could get involved in engaging our state legislators regarding the negative effect such a move would have on Marshalltown and Marshall County. Discontinuing the backfill funds would negatively affect the city and county services provided to residents.

Remember the mission: Provide Strategic Leadership and Facilitate Collaboration. This is how MRP was able to react and help make a positive difference: I met with County Supervisor Dave Thompson and asked him and his colleagues to join in the effort. Chamber Executive Director Lynn Olberding and Marshall Economic Development Executive Director Tom Deimerly went to work in lining up the necessary meetings at the Capitol with leadership on both sides of the aisle. We ended up discussing the matter with Senate President Jack Whitver, state Sen. Jeff Edler, state Rep. Dean Fisher, House Minority Leader Mark Smith, and their staffs.

Ultimately we ended up with the result we were seeking: we were told that the “commercial property tax rollback issue” had been taken off the table in regard to the de-appropriation bill currently being considered. We were also told that we need to stay abreast of this issue, as it would likely continue to come up for consideration.

When all was said and done, the mission of the Marshalltown Regional Partnership, Provide Strategic Leadership and Facilitate Collaboration, was successfully executed at the State Capitol. Thank you to City Administrator Jessica Kinser along with County Supervisors Dave Thompson, Bill Patten and Steve Salasek for working together with Lynn, Tom and I on this successful regional advocacy effort. This is yet another positive example of the “collabo-munity” culture we possess here in Marshalltown and Marshall County.



David Barajas Jr. is the CEO of the Marshalltown Regional Partnership.