Picture-perfect parking

Dear Heloise: Sometimes when I shop, especially if I am out at a large shopping center or mall, I will forget where I PARKED MY CAR.

Now I make a habit of taking a picture of where I’m parked in relation to the store. That way, if I can’t remember, then I can pull it up on my phone to get the general location.

Sure beats standing in the middle of the parking lot scanning cars on a bright, sunny day!

— A.J. Wilson, via email



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Medication ID

Dear Heloise: I take two medications, one in the morning and one at night. They both come in the same size and color bottle. Always, I would have to read the label to figure out which one to take.

So I took a permanent marker and simply printed a big, fat “D” on the day bottle and an “N” on the night bottle. Now I just look for the letter on the bottle instead of trying to read the label.

On trips, I put my meds and supplements in a pillbox. I took one pill out of each container and noticed that the morning one was round, like the sun, and the evening one was oval, sort of like the moon, and now I don’t ever mix them up.

— T.G., via email

Taking and identifying meds can be a little confusing at times. For your travel pillbox, try putting the morning pill on one side, mark that “D,” and the evening one in the other side, marked with an “N” for nighttime.

— Heloise

Measuring made easy

Dear Heloise: Whenever I need to measure or weigh ingredients like mayonnaise or peanut butter, I use my food scale and a small, flat plate, not a measuring cup.

I place the plate on the scale first so its weight isn’t calculated into the weight of the ingredient. I scoop the amount needed onto the plate until I have the right amount/weight, then scrape it off into the other ingredients.

It’s far easier to scrape these sticky or thick ingredients off a flat plate than out of a measuring cup. — Mary M. in San Antonio

Readers, Mary weighs and measures foods on a scale. This is a superior hint, especially for diabetics or others who MUST watch food calorie and sugar input very carefully. Thanks, Mary!

— Heloise

Travel safety

Dear Readers: Many of you have written about taking a night light when traveling. If you forget, turn on the bathroom light and crack the door. Place a hand towel over the top of the door to prevent it from shutting.

— Heloise

No-slip hangers

Dear Heloise: I use large rubber bands and tie some to the ends of a hanger. I can position them anywhere. For tank tops, I put multiple rubber bands on each arm so I can hang more than one top at a time.

— Gracie B., via email