A remarkable year of inspiration

Veteran series continues to honor those who have served

It’s hard to believe that we are at the year-mark in what began as a year-long series saluting veterans, “In service to our country …”

Every Thursday, we feature a new profile of someone from the area whose service we are indebted to.

The stories are just a small glimpse into the lives of those men and women who committed themselves to the service of our nation. Some engaged in battle, others quietly served without a lot of fanfare. All have demonstrated a love of country and a willingness to give so much more if asked.

American Legion Post 46 Commander Randy Kessler and I have worked together on trying to find different ways to recognize these heroes. And while most of us understand we can never do enough to show them how much we appreciate their service, we hope this series is providing, at the very least, a well-deserved “thank you.”

In a world too often fragmented by political division, chaos, scandal and “alternative facts,” there can be no disagreement that the men and women pictured above, as well as the countless others who have served our country, are more than worthy of our appreciation.

Journalists are often criticized for being too cynical or jaded. I won’t argue that.

But having the privilege of writing and publishing articles about these heroes erases any trace of cynicism. Their stories are remarkable, often emotional and serve as a testament to their dedication and patriotism.

Whatever frustrations we might have with the world around us, every Thursday we’re reminded that there is, indeed, good in the world and the men and women we are profiling are emblematic of that.

Because of that reason, we are continuing the series through the end of 2017, and may well go beyond that.

If you have any suggestions for those who should be profiled, send me an email at the address below or contact Commander Kessler at iapost46commander@gmail.com


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