Bullying … when will it stop

Recently, a child took his life due to bullying.

It’s terrible that when a child is bullied so badly that he can’t face another year in school, he only sees one way out.

Who are these kids that think they can do this to another and there are no consequences.

This must change! It is happening more and more around this country. When will this end? What can we do to stop this?

We must address this in our schools, our homes, our communities.

These children need our help. Where can they turn to? A teacher, a parent, a minister? We must be there for them.

How much pain these children suffer in silence. They should be safe and happy at school.

Why does it take another tragedy to bring to our attention.

These families’ hearts are broken. It’s a wrenching pain that will never go away. No words can soothe them. Their lives in turmoil forever. I am deeply saddened.

Why does God let this happen. We must ask ourselves “What if it was your child, what would you do?”