Billy Joel rocks on

A search recently for good “road” music uncovered a number of Billy Joel CDs.

They stirred my memory about his appearance on the “Tonight Show” some time ago.

His interview with host Jimmy Fallon inspired my better half to purchase “KOHU,EPT” (translated from Russian as “Concert”) one of the acclaimed singer/songwriter’s CDs.

It is a 1987 release, recorded live from Joel’s tour of Russia.

Joel’s performance represented a thawing of cold war relations between the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Joel fans will not be disappointed, the CD has “Angry Young Man,” “Honesty,” “Goodnight Saigon” “Allentown” (a favorite of this writer) “Uptown Girl,” and “Big Shot.”

The quality is decent considering they were live performances.

Covers of Lennon-McCartney’s “Back in the U.S.S.R,” and Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changin” are worth listening to again and again.

Some time ago, Joel’s label re-released songs from the 1987 tour in a two cd set entitlted ” A Matter of Trust: A Bridge to Russia and adds 11 previously unreleased songs including “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” and “You May Be Right.”

The home video version of “A Matter of Trust” contains 22 songs.

Also available is a deluxe edition package that combines both the CD and video and adds a

documentary about his Russian tour.

This edition also contains a book of photos and liner notes.

My wife and I remember when Joel burst on the scene with chart-busting “My LIfe” in 1978, followed by other mega-hits. The New York, N.Y. native has had an astounding career of nearly 40 years.

He was the first performer to be alloted regular monthly gigs at New York’s Madison Square Garden.


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