Back in the saddle

Quadricep tendon rupture.

That is the medical term for the damage done to my right knee after a fall in our yard Nov. 22.

My quadriceps muscle — the large muscle above the knee — was separated from my knee as a result.

For a few minutes I was crumpled in a heap … it was extremely difficult to stand, and I had to be helped up by a passer-by.

He was a Stone Sanitation garbage truck driver, who also helped me into my car, which I had left running.

My thinking was I could drive to the UnityPoint Health Emergency Department.

No chance, as I could not bend my leg to reach the gas or brake pedal.

A 911 call followed, and soon I was in a hospital bed.

Later that day, the skilled hands of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeff Zhang and staff at UnityPoint Health Marshalltown started me on the road to healing.

The fall was a classic example of “haste makes waste.”

It is been a daily serving of humble pie for someone who has preached “safety is no accident” to family members over the years.

Consequently, yours truly has not authored a Times-Republican piece since Nov. 21, and it is time to get back in the saddle while I recuperate at home doing some light physical therapy until I can apply weight on my right leg — currently in a large Velcro-steel backed brace worn 24/7.

I can get around the first floor of our house with a walker … but must be careful while alone since my better half is at work Monday through Friday.

Cats Buster and Jake keep me company sometimes, but they don’t say much.

Thus, I rely on my cell phone and email to keep in touch with the outside world, as going to work our out in public is severely restricted by our many steps to the front and back door of our home.

Adding to humble pie was the necessity of having to “climb” several of the steps using my rear-end.

Facilitating the healing was a plant, and several get well cards from T-R teammates as well as other wishes from Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA colleagues.

Fellow fitness aficionado Mary Wertzberger of Marshalltown was thoughtful enough to get many of the early morning Y work-out group to sign a get-well card, which was also much appreciated.

Prayers have helped too, so keep those coming.

It will be awhile until I can report to the T-R newsroom, so stay tuned.


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