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Classic Rock: A Lifesaver

Yours truly loves Classic Rock.

And when energy is low, all I have to do is to play one, two, or three of my Classic Rock favorites.

They truly will get me going, and they have launched many a story or made the time pass on many a long drive.

The list is long and distinguished, and will come in handy as winter — with its abbreviated daylight hours and energy-sapping darkness — will be upon us Thursday.

Here they are in no particular order:

“Good Vibrations” – Beach Boys

“Money” – Pink Floyd

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – Beatles

“Back in the USSR” – Beatles

“Sweet Child of Mine” – Guns and Roses

“Truckin’ – Grateful Dead

“The Weight” – The Band

“The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down” – The Band

“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” – Allman Brothers Band

“Whipping Post” – Allman Brothers Band

“Boys of Summer” – Eagles

“Forever Man” – Eric Clapton

“Migra” – Carlos Santana

“Midnight Rambler” – Rolling Stones

“Paint It Black” – Rolling Stones

“Tumblin’ Dice” – Rolling Stones

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – Rolling Stones

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – covered by the late Leon Russell

“Start Me Up” – Rolling Stones

“Somebody to Love” – Jefferson Airplane

“White Rabbit” – Jefferson Airplane

“Kashmir”– Led Zeppelin

“Whole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin

“Achilles Last Stand” – Led Zeppelin

Headlining the list are The Rolling Stones with five, and Led Zeppelin with three.

Very special to me is “Sweet Child of Mine,” which yours truly danced to with my daughter, Elisabeth, at her wedding earlier this year.

Also add the aforementioned Rolling Stones’ cuts, which were played by the World’s Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band at a Chicago concert several years ago.

Elisabeth treated me to that memorable music event, which blew the doors off the United Center.

Other groups with songs on the list and seen live over the years were Eagles, The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band, Leon Russell and Santana.

Look for another list of Country and Jazz favorites in the near future.


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