County supervisors are right to draw the line on wages

Marshall County Board of Supervisors voted appropriately this week to lower raise recommendations from the compensation board.

The compensation board in early January advanced a proposal for 8 to 15 percent increases in salaries for elected officials.

The proposed wages were cut by 92 percent during a meeting Tuesday.

Although we understand the compensation board wants to offer competitive wages in Marshall County, we think it was wise for the supervisors to slash the salary increases as they did.

We think the best way for the county to catch up to other counties in Iowa is to chip away at it. Just as many other businesses are trying to do right by their employees after an economic crisis.

In light of the still sluggish economy, it would not be prudent to had out a 15 percent raise.

Meanwhile, the supervisors themselves deserve a pat on the back for declining a raise altogether.

It seems in the best interest for the county – as well as other municipalities – to consider each way to help local taxpayers by making good use of its budget. Striking a balance on competitive wages will likely be an issue Marshall County will revisit for several years. It’s also likely local taxpayers will slowly be easing themselves out of tough times, just as millions of Americans are.

Still, we must recognize that raises are generally distributed for a job well done. Marshall County is fortunate to have elected officials that offer a wealth of expertise and professionalism.