Let’s give Vietnam vets the thanks they deserve

When they returned home, they were rejected by our country.

They faced verbal and sometimes physical assaults.

They were spit upon and humiliated.

Our Vietnam War veterans came home from war to face another battle – they were the detested target of an unpopular war.

Rather than being greeted by applause and thanks, if they were greeted at all, it was by protesters.

It was not the homecoming our war veterans deserved.

Next Saturday, we in Marshalltown have an opportunity to help right that wrong.

A special recognition for Vietnam veterans has been organized as part of the Oktemberfest parade.

Our local veterans, who served in Vietnam, will be featured in the parade.

It’s our job to make sure they are given the honor they deserve.

So make a sign with your children, wave flags and stand and give them the applause they deserve.

Regardless of the politics, these veterans fought a hellish war and put their lives at stake for all of us.

In a war that took thousands of soldiers’ lives, they served our country proudly.

Let’s also give thanks to Sandy Lurvey, of Marshalltown, who has worked for several months to locate local veterans and organize the parade entry.

Lurvey’s thoughtfulness toward Vietnam veterans makes sense -she’s married to one. However, her idea spread beyond that connection to make it an all inclusive event to honor veterans in our community.

Kudos to Sandy.

And to her husband, Gary, welcome home. Thank you for your service. We’ll be waving a flag for you.