Thank you, Oktemberfest board

A year’s worth of planning culminated in four days of fun for thousands of people during Marshalltown’s Oktemberfest this past weekend.

What many don’t realize is the countless hours of volunteer work that go into running a festival of this magnitude.

The Oktemberfest board is behind that show of volunteerism and should be commended for a job well done. Not only do they plan throughout the year for the event, they also each spend dozens of hours helping out during the festival.

They are a group that likes to have fun and they work very well together to pull off a major undertaking.

We would also like to recognize the other volunteers who are not on the board who stepped up to make sure the festival and all of its individual events went smoothly.

Of course the weather was nearly ideal for a majority of the festival so that didn’t hurt either.

We are not sure how much sleep these Oktemberfest board members got this past week as they ran around town and helped make our festival a success. So make sure you thank these board members if you see them around town. Their service to the community is appreciated and we bet if you wanted to get involved they would gladly appreciate your help for next year’s Oktemberfest.

Follow their lead and learn how serving your community can be rewarding.