Corn still fuels Iowa’s economy

Corn production has been a key factor in the Iowa economy for more than 150 years.

The state’s 21st-century economy is characterized by increasing diversity. Agriculture isn’t as dominant as once was the case. Even so, there can be little doubt that corn remains of critical importance. The renewable fuels industries have increased demand for corn as a critical ingredient in manufacturing ethanol. Ethanol production has not only increased demand for corn, but also strengthens corn’s already enormous importance to Iowa’s prosperity.

Iowa continues to top the nation in corn production. The estimated yield for 2017 was 2.45 billion bushels. That didn’t equal the 2.74 billion bushel record yield for 2016. Even so, it kept the Hawkeye State as No. 1 in the nation as a corn grower. The 2017 yield is a quite respectable third place at just slightly behind the second all-time high of 2.51 billion bushels achieved in 2015.

Corn has been king in Iowa for generations. It seems likely to remain so well into the 21st century. Corn producers have been a vital part of the Iowa economy throughout the state’s history and are certain to remain so far into the future.