Commence pothole dodging event

This was a particularly bad winter with a lot of snow falls and extreme cold, stay in the house kind of temperatures.

It’s hard to imagine that in a few weeks we can trade our sore back and muscles from shoveling snow for a sore back and muscles from doing yard work.

The warmth of the sun and fresh air will help ease the aches and pains suffered from toil in the yard. Spring must be very near since I saw a few sections of street curbs. This also means that it is almost time for the annual pothole dodging event with gold, silver and bronze awarded to winning competitors, and front end alignments awarded to the losers.

I haven’t heard on what street the championship will be held but I am sure if they haven’t yet decided on a location maybe they are still open for nominations. If interested people would like to have their street considered they can call 754-5748.