Vote for those who can fix Democrats’ mistakes

The reason you should vote should be self evident. However, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bruce Braley, Mark Smith are perfect examples as to why you shouldn’t vote for Democrats. They lie, they tell you one thing, then do another. Their policies are stifling job creation and economic growth. Obamacare is great if you know nothing about it or who uses it without paying or that seniors are denied care when they reach a predetermined age. If you have to pay for your medical insurance you must know how much it has gone up. Obamacare is not fully implemented yet, when it is, your insurance will skyrocket – that is – IF you have to pay for it. Some – like some employees in Marshalltown, don’t have to pay for their insurance nor do the illegal immigrants. Their insurance is paid for by the taxpayers. Federal employees must pay for their own insurance.

AND, lets talk about the Koch brothers who – an article contends – pollute. Saying they (the Koch brothers) pollute is like saying the school board is responsible if a student fails! Some Democrats just love to exaggerate. According to the EPA , farmers who raise cows pollute, because their cows pass gas, causing too much methane. So when the Democrats say something – ensure you find out ALL the facts and don’t take what they say at “face” value.

So let’s all vote but vote for the BEST candidate. One who can help fix what the Democrats have totally screwed up.