A vote for Steve Sodders is a vote for Iowa

I’m a farmer, small business owner, and for all intensive purposes a Republican.

Recently, a friend of mine was endorsed by the Iowa Corn Growers Association. Basically, a committee comprised of three Republicans, and three Democrats, objectively looking at each candidate and their alignment with ICGA’s policy priorities. In the divisive political atmosphere of 2016, I urge all my fellow citizens to look past party lines and endorse someone I know to be a friend of agriculture. Steve Sodders is not only a deputy sheriff and state senator, he’s a friend to farmers and Iowa’s agricultural economy. Sodders supports individual property rights, something near and dear to Iowa farmers’ hearts. Supporting biodiesel and fiscal responsibility, he is a refreshing, well-needed voice in the Iowa Senate.

Honestly Sen. Sodders and my ideological views don’t always align, and that is OK. I call him on his cell phone and he takes 22+ minutes to have a CONVERSATION with me about how he came to his conclusion. He listens to the people, he doesn’t give me a broad representation of his goals, Steve gives me specifics. I like that.

For a second let’s ignore the letter behind a politician’s name and consider their ideals in policy. A vote for Sodders is not a vote for the other party, it’s a vote for Iowa and I think that’s something we can all agree on.