Blum does what he says

Since Rod Blum was elected to Congress just two years ago, he has been busy. Congressman Blum didn’t wait around for someone else to lead, he jumped in and immediately started fighting for the things he had campaigned on.

A short list of what Congressman Blum has done over the last 22 months includes: He created the US House “Term Limits Caucus”, introduced a lifetime ban on Congressmen and women becoming lobbyists, and led the effort to end luxury travel for members of Congress.

Our District 1 Congressman returned $100,000 from his operating budget back to the taxpayers which is almost unheard of in today’s government. He introduced the “Small Municipality Flood Relief Act,” and voted to fund infrastructure, modernize our healthcare system, and increase local control in education.

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat especially with the way politics is in today’s world, to have someone start from day one fighting hard to actually achieve something on the issues he ran on, deserves our respect, support and our vote on Nov. 8 to return to the House of Representatives.

In just a short time, Congressman Blum has already done a massive amount of work to fix a broken system, and he more than deserves to return and resume this work to truly make our government; Of the People, By the People and especially for the People.