Deanne Raymond: True public servant

Spotting the public servants on the ballot isn’t always easy. Fortunately, this year Deanne Raymond for Auditor and Recorder is on your ballot. Deanne is a true public servant, and with her being a colleague of mine in the Marshall County Courthouse, I have a unique opportunity to see how Deanne operates her office and serves you, the taxpayer.

A year and a half ago, Dawn Williams stepped down leaving an opening for the Board of Supervisors to appoint a new Auditor and Recorder. I was impressed with how Deanne, as Deputy Recorder, had led the development of the Recorder portion of the new software program. She was organized, detail oriented and demonstrated masterful collaboration abilities in facilitating the project with the software developers and Recorder employees. With how impressed I was with Deanne’s abilities, I encouraged her to apply to be appointed for the position. She was initially open to the idea, but had reservations.

Deanne’s reservation was not to determine if the decision was best for herself and her own interest. She was reserved because she was in the midst of discernment while receiving the call to serve. The move from Deputy Recorder to the County Auditor and Recorder was an increase in responsibility and the compensation was essentially the same going from an hourly employee to salary, losing earned overtime while still spending many extra hours in the office. Additionally, the decision to answer the call sacrificed job security opening herself to the possibility of being jobless if she is not successful in this election. Lastly, Deanne knew the major challenge at hand was to finish the job solidifying the processes from the Auditor/Recorder office combination. But this challenge and temptation to take the easy path only emboldened Deanne to answer the call to be your public servant.

I was so pleased to see Deanne answer the call, as she is the right qualified person to lead this office that has been sorely needing continuity with its leadership since the Auditor/Recorder combination taking effect in 2011.

Since the Board of Supervisors appointed Deanne as the Auditor and Recorder, I’ve seen every decision Deanne makes. She does so with each resident of Marshall County in mind. Deanne Raymond is a public servant you can trust and I ask that you vote for Deanne Raymond for Marshall County Auditor and Recorder!