Hoffman cares about Marshall County

I would like to put a letter to the editor in reference of Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman.

Deputy Hoffman is running for sheriff and I would like to tell you what type of person Deputy Hoffman is.

On Sept. 9, 1979 my Uncle Harry Davis was on duty as a Marshall County Jailer. In the early morning on that date a subject pulled up in in front of the jail in the alley and shot and killed my uncle.

Since he was a jailer, his name was not allowed on the peace officers memorial in Des Moines.

In 2009, when Steve was then chief jailer at the Marshall County Jail, he started to work on getting my uncle’s name added to the list of officers killed in Iowa on the peace officers memorial. Steve worked very hard at this and then in 2010 he succeeded and my uncle’s name was added to the memorial in Des Moines.

I don’t know if his name would have ever been added if it hadn’t been for Steve. I think Marshall County needs a person like Steve that cares for Marshall County residents and his officers.

Thank you so much.