Hoffman cares about people

Hello my name is Mike Evertsen. a lifelong Marshall County resident.

I am writing this letter to the voters of Marshall County. I would like to tell you why I endorse Steve Hoffman for sheriff.

I first meet Steve when at the age of 58. I applied and was hired as a corrections officer at the jail. I saw firsthand the kind of law enforcement officer he is. I would rate him at the very top of the profession. Now I would like to jump ahead several years. I have been retired for two years and in March of this year our house burned down. The first phone call I received while the house was still burning was from Steve as a representative of the Red Cross. Steve wanted to make sure that we were all right. When he found out that we had lost everything but the clothes we were wearing he started making phone calls. Two hours later, at seven o’clock that night we met with a lady from the Red Cross who was very helpful. Steve continued to call me almost every day for the next few weeks just to make sure we were doing OK.

Folks this is the man we need leading our sheriff’s office. He cares!