Hoffman is simply extraordinary

Singer/songwriter Rachel Platten has a new song that is currently out on the airwaves. One line from the lyrics, in particular, reminds me of someone very important in this year’s election.

In her song “Better Place,” Platten declares “It’s a better place since you came along …” More than anyone else, that line perfectly describes Steve Hoffman, our next Marshall County sheriff.

Since his arrival in Marshall County more than 25 years ago, Steve represents all that is good and decent about law enforcement. He is professional, hard working, committed to his family and friends and most significantly, a genuine, sincere man who makes life a little bit better because of his skills and his capacity to care for those in need.

Others have written about what he has done in the course of a quarter-century of law enforcement that has made Marshall County a safer place to reside. They have written about his volunteer and charitable efforts. They have even sung his praises when it comes to his beautiful family.

But for me, Steve is a friend … someone who has always been in my corner, always protective, always caring, always there.

Of course, those traits go way beyond our friendship. It’s exactly how Steve is with his colleagues, his staff and anyone who has ever met him.

There are not enough superlatives to adequately describe him. Quite simply, he is extraordinary.

For me this election is over because the choice for Marshall County Sheriff is unparalleled. I’m voting for Steve Hoffman and I hope you will too!