Hoffman is the trusted choice

I have been honored and privileged to work with Marshall County Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman for the past five years. I have found Steve to be a dedicated and honorable professional. He is also a devoted father and husband. He takes his responsibilities as a parent and law enforcement professional seriously. He has devoted his life to these honorable endeavors. Steve works tirelessly each day in the pursuit of justice and always has the best interests of our great community in mind.

Steve strives each day to serve his community with pride and to ensure Marshall County has the best there is to offer in terms of public safety services. Steve cares about people. Steve has been dedicated to combating crime and serving crime victims in Marshall County for over 20 years. Steve is a man of character with high moral standards. Steve is the only candidate for sheriff with the education, knowledge, and experience necessary to serve in Marshall County. Steve is the only candidate I trust to serve in this important role. Steve is the only candidate I trust with the safety and security of my family. For these reasons, I support Steve Hoffman in his bid to serve as the sheriff of Marshall County. I strongly encourage everyone to support Steve and to vote Hoffman for Sheriff on Nov. 8.