Hoffman is the well-respected choice

Some people say you should vote for the man, not the party. And in supporting Steve Hoffman for Marshall County Sheriff, that’s what I’m doing because he is the opposite of the man his party chose to represent it at the top of the slate. Steve Hoffman is NOT a bigot, NOT a braggart, NOT a bully.

I have watched Steve as board chairman of our American Red Cross chapter. He treated every person those serving on the board and those needing our services with respect, with courtesy, with genuine interest in their opinion and, during local disasters, with concern for their situation. He brought his children to help serve during large-scale flooding because he wanted them to know the importance and value of helping others.

Steve Hoffman never tried to take credit for himself. He’s a thoughtful problem-solver and an extremely articulate spokesperson, who uses the inclusive “we” instead of “I” and I see that when he represents the sheriff’s office now as second-in-command.

Steve consistently made sure that all of the law enforcement employees he supervised knew CPR, both the physical skills to save lives and the attitude skills of Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect. I hope you’ll join me in voting, not for this party, but for this man.