In Thanksgving, come out of the pig pen

The Bible is full of stories that give meaning to our lives. God’s Parables (Spiritual Truth) are often steeped in two or more meanings, one is Spiritual and the other relates to an event. Consider the story of the Prodigal son. An unconcerned, worldly-minded farm-boy, asked his father to give him his share of any money he would normally receive at his father’s death. He did not want his father’s business and wanted to live life, how he saw fit. Never mind that he was demanding something that only happened after the father was deceased. But his father agreed to this strange arrangement and bid him bon-voyage. As we can imagine, the farm-lad was not very savvy with his mone – soon it was gone, along with all his friends. With his poor choices, he wound up in a place that was forbidden by his culture; slopping pigs. The son couldn’t keep money long enough to even buy food. In his greatest need, the Holy Spirit allowed him to see that he would be welcome back at the ranch, with the father. The son made the greatest choice of his life. Reality was that starvation drove him back into his father’s life. The Prodigal would have worked for life-sustaining food but this Father was a unique, forgiving man, fully restoring him as his son. Now the Spiritual meaning of the Parable is that the Father is none other than God, who gives all his children blessings and gifts to use in this world. Like this son, we may choose to use our inheritance on Worldly things, forgetting that we have a Heavenly Father with Earthly chores for us to do. God won’t force us to come to him but he invades our life with things to help us recognize him. The son was hungry for more than food, he then realized that he was born for farm-life. The question that all humans have to make; is love, kindness, forgiveness, understanding and compassion better than hate, murder, vengeance, war and violence. The world’s way is vengeance and destruction, God’s way is forgiveness and restoration. Since thanksgiving is just around the corner, why don’t we all come out of our man-made hostilities with our hearts yearning to repent and seeking-the Word of God. That is something we can feast on. You know he is waiting with open arms and bushels of forgiveness.