Muller is the right choice for supervisor

Jon Muller is an outstanding candidate for Marshall County Board of Supervisors. Supervisors need to understand and manage many conflicting issues. Keeping our county infrastructure in safe repair while serving the needs of the people requires a fair-minded, thoughtful person.

Jon honed his management experience while employed by two of our county’s largest employers, HyVee and Emerson. He is a person who will listen to everyone. His knowledge and experience will result in reasonable, sensible judgment.

Jon has supported the quality of all our lives with his time and talents. He has served the board of directors of the Marshalltown Public Library, the Central Iowa Art Association and the Arts and Culture Alliance. Jon is one of very few certified “Live Strong” (a YMCA fitness program for people with a cancer diagnosis) instructors in our county. I know him best through his never-ending service to our church. Jon can always be counted on not only to organize events, but to work diligently on every level. Jon is equally adept at manning the kitchen to feed 200 as he is at helping with financial decisions. Other issues of interest to Jon are improving mental health care and support of the bike trail system.

Jon Muller has spent a lifetime promoting the values that make Marshall County special to so many: sensible management of resources and infrastructure, care for our neighbors, strong ties to faith and family and an appreciation of the arts, schools and recreation that enhance the quality of life for our us, for our children, our grandchildren and our future.