Raymond deserves our vote

With so much uncertainty surrounding the up coming election, I wanted to express my thoughts about a candidate for the local office of auditor/recorder.

After working in the courthouse for 36 years most of which were spent in the auditor’s office, I have a genuine concern for the direction this office goes in the future. I had the opportunity to work with Deanne Raymond who is currently the auditor/recorder and is a candidate running for the office of auditor/recorder in the Nov. 8 general election. During Deanne’s four and a half years working in this office she has proven she has the knowledge and leadership skills for this position.

The duties of the auditor/recorder are outlined in the Iowa Code. In part they include: Commissioner of Elections, working with the county budget, bill paying, payroll, recording documents such as mortgages and deeds, calculating property taxes and maintaining property ownership records. In fulfilling these duties, the auditor/recorder and staff must work with the public, attorneys, surveyors, schools, area college, city, county and state government.

Deanne works well with others and she has the vision and integrity to make changes that result in better efficiencies. In order for things to work well in this county office it is beneficial to have a candidate with some experience in county government.

It is a great feeling when you are certain of who you will cast your vote. I definitely will be taking the opportunity to vote for Deanne Raymond for Marshall County Auditor/Recorder.