Raymond has a proven record

The Marshall County Auditor and Recorder certifies the tax rates for property taxes to be collected in Marshall County. Its very important to have a responsible person with a proven record of following procedures and meeting deadlines. Our current Auditor and Recorder Deanne Raymond has done it and done it exceedingly well! Looking at my tax statement I just received not long ago, Deanne’s attention to meticulous details and teamwork skills on the county budget with the Board of Supervisors; Marshall County is asking the taxpayers for 2 percent less than last year! Way to go Marshall County!

Sadly Deanne’s opponent Luisa Ortega does not have as positive of a record. In the Times-Republican’s Oct. 4 article, “County candidates offer their thoughts,” Luisa boasted her 21 years of business experience. If you do a public records search on Luisa, you will find information that will have us all hoping her kind of business experience never has anything to do with our Marshall County budget or taxes.

Luisa has failed to timely pay her State of Iowa retail sales, use and withholding taxes, resulting in eight State Tax Liens on her property in the past 10 years. She did not even pay her Federal social security, Medicare or unemployment taxes on time resulting in a Federal Tax Lien! That’s nine tax liens in 10 years!

Luisa might be a nice lady, but her track record of neglecting to timely pay her taxes is something we cannot take chances on in our Courthouse. I will be voting for a proven record and proven experience. Deanne Raymond for Marshall County Auditor and Recorder!