Sodders fights for students, teachers

As a sophomore at the University of Northern Iowa, pursuing a degree in education, the local election for state senate has been in the forefront of my mind.

Every year, Steve Sodders has been the one to push for public school funding. He has made it clear that public schools are an important part of what he stands for.

His opponent, Jeff Edler, claims to be a supporter of public education, but his actions speak otherwise. He has recently started a private school in the West Marshall school district, where some of his children now attend. This private school impacts the local school district with a loss of state aid – somewhere in the neighborhood of about $60,000. That’s equal to a teacher’s salary and benefits. Edler has not said what he will do, or how he would better fund public schools; he has only started this private school that has taken money away.

As a past attendee of both private and public schools, and as a future educator, I am a huge supporter of public education. I want to teach in a public school, just as many of my classmates do. I am afraid that by electing Jeff Edler, I will be out of a job, or that teachers will begin to lose jobs, based on his decisions.

Steve Sodders has pushed for higher funding in public education for years now. His actions have spoken true to his beliefs.

Let’s re-elect Steve Sodders to make sure students and teachers have a fighting chance to succeed!