Sodders fights for us

State Sen. Steve Sodders took the time to speak with us and shared his concerns about the accessibility issues facing people with mental health or disabilities while I was with our son, Austin, in the emergency room. I know he fought the recent mental facilities closures by Gov. Branstad and has always been a fighter for those who need it the most. I really appreciated his concern and thoughts concerning mental health issues and our county citizens with disabilities

Austin has relied on a system that attempts to set measures in place so that we, as a society, help and provide the means for survival and day-to-day living for these unfortunate individuals who have “been dealt a tough hand” in life. I’m sure every one of them would gladly trade places with people who are able to live a normal and productive life, and perhaps even regular day-to-day folks who may be down on their luck and maybe even going through their own personal life crisis or hard times.

There are no easy answers to these issues. We need a fighter who cares about every single person in our state. Steve Sodders cares about me, he cares about my son, he cares about these issues. That is why I am supporting Sodders for re-election to the State Senate. I want to see the system changed for the better. Vote for Steve on Nov. 8!