Sodders is passionate about serving Iowans

I urge the voters of Senate District 36 to re-elect Steve Sodders.

One of the qualities I respect most in Steve Sodders is his work ethic in representing the citizens of Iowa. He has a command of the issues facing everyday lowans and a passion for serving the citizens of our state. As a teacher of 34 years, Sen. Sodders’ work in funding public education is most appreciated.

While going door-to-door, Jeff Edler expressed to me his concern of too many languages spoken at Marshalltown High School. The diversity in our community makes our city stronger. The population of the United States comprises less than 4.5 percent of the world’s population. We can ill afford to ignore the other 95 percent of the world’s population. I know Steve Sodders will work to make public education strong in our state. Public education has been called the “great equalizer,” ensuring every American, rich or poor, the opportunity to purse their dreams. I have concerns about Jeff Edler supporting public education.

I am proud to call Mark Smith and Steve Sodders my representative and senator – they make a great team representing us. Keep the team of Sodders and Smith.