Sodders wants Iowa’s schools to be the best

I was a teacher in Tama County for 35 years. I know what a difference a good education can make in our kids’ lives. But I also know how hard it can be to teach those kids when your school doesn’t have the funding it needs, forcing teachers to work with outdated textbooks, overcrowded classes, and 1990s technology.

That’s why when I go to the polls, I vote for the candidate who I know will support our schools. This year, that candidate is Sen. Steve Sodders. He’s always fought for teachers and students, and I know he will continue to.

That’s not something I can say about Jeff Edler. He will support Gov. Branstad’s education agenda that has consistently robbed money from our schools. They have spent year after year blocking Steve’s attempts to fully fund allowable growth, and they did nothing when Gov. Branstad vetoed $55.7 million in school funding.

Steve Sodders is a father. His kids went to public schools and public universities. He knows how important it is to support our schools, and he won’t give up until Iowa schools are the best in the nation. We need him back in the Senate.