Sodders will fight for us

My name is Grant Sincox, and I an a senior at East Marshall High School. Everyone tells my classmates and me that our future is ahead of us. I’m excited for it, but I want it to be in Iowa, and that’s why I’m encouraging everyone I know to vote for Steve Sodders for the State Senate this fall.

If I’m going to spend my life in my home state, I want it to be a good place to live. I want the future students at EMHS to have gotten the same great education I got, and be put in a place to succeed. I want my friends and I to have affordable options to continue our education at a community college or state university. I want to live in a state that makes health care, including mental health care, easy to access and open to everyone. I want to live in a state that is bringing the jobs of the 21st century to places like Marshalltown.

I think we all want that, and that is why we should re-elect Steve. He has fought against underfunding our schools. He has fought against the governor closing mental health institutions. He has fought for job training, affordable college, and for bringing new jobs to the state.

Steve Sodders is fighting to make Iowa a place I want to spend the rest of my life. Let’s send him back to Des Moines to make sure he can keep up the fight.