Steve Hoffman: The pursuit of excellence

I have worked for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for more than 17 years. I currently hold a administrative position of Jail Supervisor 2 which assists the jail administrator in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the jail division. The division is comprised of roughly 30 jail officers overseeing a 182-bed facility. I have held this position for the last 12 years. I also am the captain of the Reserve Deputy Unit which I have held for the last five years.

I believe Steve Hoffman should be Marshall County’s next sheriff. When Steve was promoted to jail administrator, he was coming from the patrol division with little insight on how the jail worked. He knew after dropping off an arrestee at the jail, jail officers booked the inmate and placed them in a holding cell. After that the arresting officers are free to leave. He didn’t realize how complex and what specialized training it took to work in the jail.

His first few weeks in the jail, he made it a point to spend time in each area of the jail. Not only did he want to know how it worked, he wanted to know the officer’s point of view and how things could be done differently. At that point I did not have much training in my role. Not only did he get me training, he participated as well. He wanted to make sure I had the level of training I needed to be an effective supervisor.

The jail division goes through state and federal inspections to stay compliant. These inspections are not easy and there is a lot of coordination. If you are not up to speed on the current laws and regulations, you can be deemed non-compliant and not receive certain federal and state funding. Worse case scenario you could be shut down and as the largest revenue generator for the county that would be detrimental. During all of our inspections, inspectors would compliment Steve on how well our facility was operating. This is a credit to his constant pursuit to make the facility and staff the best they can be.

Steve pushes his staff to be their best. I can tell you I am a better supervisor today because of Steve. Working with him over the years I had hoped one day he would pursue the office of sheriff. I cannot imagine anyone else in that position. Steve is passionate about law enforcement and it shows. Vote Steve Hoffman for Sheriff on Nov. 8.