Support CIH

It is important that the community rally around and support the employees and the board of Central Iowa Healthcare as they work their way through some very difficult times. Recent layoffs underscore the gravity of the position the board found itself in after government mandated coding changes and compliance requirements, along with a problems related to implementing electronic health records, resulted in delayed billings and large write-offs. Some questionable decisions by prior management also contributed to massive financial losses in 2015 and early 2016. The new out-patient center on the south side has suffered from reduced revenues as some patients chose to use other facilities.

Coding and billing issues have been resolved now but large debt and, unfortunately, the inability to meet all obligations with vendors still exists. As the board and current executive leadership team look to reorganize and find a new partner, we must understand that health care in Marshalltown is not going away and that those men and women who get up every day with one goal in mind – taking care of the health needs of our citizens – are not going away either. They are just as dedicated now, in spite of the difficult times, as they were when they started their careers here. It is to them that we owe our gratitude and respect.

And to the incredibly talented volunteer board who have spent unbelievable hours in seeking solutions, we need to say we trust you, we thank you and we will stand with you as you represent us in providing a bright future for Central Iowa Healthcare services.