Taxation saturation equals homeowner desperation

Not long after the initial bond referendum failed, the city council, then City Administrator Randy Wetmore, various advisory firms, as well as a citizens advisory committee, etc., formed a coalition to conjole the taxpayers of Marshalltown into approving a new referendum supporting a combined police/fire station.

Daily we were inundated with facts, figures, locations, opinions, encouragement, etc., yet, not one voice spoke up and informed the prospective voters of what is now deemed by many members of our city council to be an impending doom which needs immediate attention.

On Oct. 8, the Marshalltown taxpayers will likely be informed that property taxes will once again be raised, less that two months after the referendum vote. This, to finance the “sewer reserve fund.”

This has suddenly become a priority, although city council minutes show that this city council, as well as past councils, have been aware of this issue for a substantial period of time.

It disturbs me greatly that this “sewer reserve fund” crisis was nowhere to be discussed or revealed during the heavy-handed campaign to gain support for the referendum vote. There is absolutely no doubt that had this crisis been discussed equally, the voters may well have had second thoughts about their support.

Some council members have expressed empathy with property owners and disagree with the rapid approach to increasing taxes yet again. I commend them!

It’s time property owners are treated as “people,” rather than a perpetual source of funding for political projects. It’s quite easy to understand the “trump steam rollers” success when you observe how politicians, locally and nationally, treat the people they are elected to serve.