The choice for sheriff is clear

After nearly serving 30 years as Marshall County Sheriff, along with having been selected by my peers to be the president of the Iowa State Sheriff’s & Deputies Association and as the president of the National Sheriffs’ Association, I would hope some might consider me qualified to recommend which Marshall County candidate should be our next sheriff. Add to this the simple fact that both of the current candidates have worked under me as a deputy and hopefully you will consider my recommendation.

When I review the full professional records of Steve Hoffman and his opponent, there simply is no comparison:

One candidate worked as a patrol deputy for several years, only to resign in anger nearly a decade ago.

The other, Steve Hoffman, has served in law enforcement for 25 consecutive years. He began his career as a small-town officer, going to college and working to improve himself and advance in responsibility. Steve has been a patrol deputy for Marshall County and he has been appointed and successfully fulfilled the roles of traffic safety/enforcement coordinator, drug task force investigator, sergeant, jail administrator and now his current role as the chief deputy. Along the way, Steve has been a leader on policy development and agency operations during various projects for the sheriff’s office. Only Steve has proven himself and earned these advancements over the past two-plus decades of his career.

When you select the individual who should be in charge of the agency’s $5 million-plus budget, monitoring the 60-plus employees, running the high-risk responsibility of the 180 bed jail and having oversight on the millions of dollars of civil responsibility … experience counts.

Vote Steve Hoffman sheriff of Marshall County.