This election, it’s time to vote No, No and No

When you place your vote be it absentee or at the polls in a few days, turn your ballet over. Vote NO for the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices, Brent Appel, Mark Cady and Daryl Hecht. These are three of the seven remaining justices that voted to force same-sex marriage on the people of Iowa. At the time of this vote, over seven out of 10 Iowans were opposed to same-sex marriage. Three of these justices have already been voted out of their positions and now is the time to vote these three out. These are liberal judges who did not represent the majority of Iowans. They are not only for same-sex marriage but support abortion and all the other things that go along with these agendas. A NO vote for these Iowa Supreme Court Justices is a positive step in saving Iowa and this nation from those who desire to change what was once a Great Nation and can be again.