Trump: The finest choice

I applaud Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s stirring message of traditional patriotism.

The United States should not be defined by its few and uncharacteristic missteps, but instead by its abundant, massive triumphs.

America stands tall as an inspirational illustration of the glories free men can accomplish when they live by their own lights, with equally available opportunity enabling their ambitions.

Patriotism is positive. To quote Trump, “One country, under one God, saluting one American flag.”

Ronald Reagan observed that a nation without borders is no nation at all. It is common sense to maintain strong borders, deport illegal aliens, and withhold from them such magnetic privileges of legitimate citizenship as governmental assistance, drivers licenses, and electoral participation.

Trump’s rock-ribbed advocacy of United States border security impresses mightily. So does his urging that ethics be restored to the top echelons of the Department of Justice and FBI, and that vigorous ground-level law enforcement again enjoy White House support.

Logically, he received endorsements from the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council (ICE), National Border Patrol Council, Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, New England Police Benevolent Association, and the national Fraternal Order of Police.

Trump would remove handcuffs that have prevented American police from properly dispatching homicidal street thugs and destructive rioters.

Students should learn of our nation’s lead in saving the world from the repressive Nazi and communist ideologies. And that in 2016, radical Islamic terrorists similarly bent on global dominance imperil Christians and all free people.

Hillary Clinton helped found ISIS. Trump will vanquish the vermin.

Allowing unchecked American ingress to hordes of unidentifiable foreigners possibly hostile to our morals, laws, and culture might well lead to radical Islamic attacks, rampant criminality, and national despoiling. Such has already been the terrible case in numerous European lands.

Trump’s call for “extreme vetting” of outsiders prior to entry is an entirely sensible safeguard.

The 2016 presidential election will be Americans’ final opportunity to steer our magnificent ship back toward its historical greatness and away from the current lamentable course of weakness, incompetence, instability, and unmerited PC head-hanging.

We can again be the wealthy, strong, unified nation we once were. No more hyphens, segregation, “safe spaces,” or group libels. One American people, shoulder to shoulder, with greatly more in common than not.

Donald Trump isn’t American voters’ only presidential option this year. Just our finest one.