Vote Deanne Raymond for auditor/recorder

As a lawyer who has practiced in Marshalltown for more than 35 years, including real estate law, I have often worked closely with the staff at the Marshall County Auditor/Recorder’s Office. Deanne Raymond, the current auditor/recorder, is a bright, hard-working, friendly and well-spoken public servant of very high integrity. Deanne has served this county well as a public servant, for many years, the last year and a half as Auditor/Recorder. Deanne and her staff are always willing to lend a helping hand. As recorder, Deanne has overseen the smooth transition of the county auditor’s/recorder’s office to electronic records, giving the public increased access to real estate records and enabling lawyers and other parties to file documents electronically. As auditor, she has also overseen elections in this county, and is opposed to the proposals for electronic voting because of the potential for voter fraud. I understand her opponent, Luisa Ortega, favors the move to electronic voting. Deanne Raymond has served this county very well as an employee and as auditor/recorder and I strongly endorse Deanne Raymond as auditor/recorder.