Why I trust Steve Hoffman

It was July of 1998; I was the new police chief in State Center. Coming from a different county, I didn’t know the standard operating procedures in Marshall County. I had not been to the jail or for that matter had not met any officers or deputies in the county. Then one night a patrol deputy shows up at my small office to introduce himself. He took the time to show me around and basically gave me the FTO (Field Training Office) program without having any obligation to. After a period of time getting acclimated to the area, this deputy and I had a serious call in the town of Lamoille. We encountered two men with the full intent to murder a woman in the town. The encounter placed both of us in a deadly force situation, that thank the Lord did not conclude with deadly force being used. Both men were arrested safely due to two officers quickly trusting each other as if we had worked for years together. It was one of those moments in life that creates an unbreakable bond.

The deputy is now the Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman. It has been 18 years now that we have known each other and continue to work together even though we work in different departments. I have seen Chief Deputy Hoffman work through the ranks from a patrol deputy, motorcycle deputy, traffic deputy, detective in the Drug Task Enforcement Unit, chief jailer and now chief deputy. Chief Hoffman has experience in a department budget being responsible for the jail’s portion of the budget. Chief Hoffman is a proven leader not only in the sheriff’s office, but in the community. He has been a member of numerous organizations. He has been a champion for the Red Cross, MS bike rides and blood drives.

Outside of the sheriff’s office and his complete dedication to law enforcement, Chief Hoffman is a family man. Chief Hoffman is married to his wife, Penny, and has three wonderful kids that would make any parent proud. All of these qualities are the reason that I am endorsing Steve Hoffman for sheriff of Marshall County. I would ask that you join me and my family in voting for Steve Hoffman in November. He is the clear choice and the only person that we want to continue moving the sheriff’s office into the future.

A different light

Paul Alman


I suggest that the letter writer from Oct. 1 (or perhaps the editorial staff of the Times-Republican) do some fact checking regarding Hillary Clinton’s role in the Taylor case from 1975. Both FactCheck.org and Snopes say that the claims he made in his letter are mostly false. Reading their analysis casts a different light from that which the letter writer stated.