Choose wisely this election; vote for Raymond

As voters we are the employers hiring our elected officials to be our employees. In hiring you expect your prospective employee to be skilled and responsible to handle the job’s duties and be a person of integrity who will represent your place of work with the utmost respect.

In the Marshall County Auditor/Recorder race, the person elected must fulfill the two objectives: following the requirements of the office as defined in Iowa Code and being a trusted leader with integrity. I am concerned about the Marshall County Auditor/Recorder candidate, Luisa Ortega. Can she faithfully follow the rules and laws of the office? Public records show that Ortega neglected to follow Iowa Code and Federal law by not paying her taxes in a timely manner with a past unsuccessful business. This resulted in nine tax liens on Ortega’s property in recent years. This is very concerning.

Facebook is a great tool for any employer to see what type of person they are potentially hiring. As voters we can do the same of candidates we want to hire. A search into Ortega’s Facebook pages will show you that she allegedly threatened kids with her handgun, just last January. At Ortega’s place of business, she promoted, hosted and profited from cage fighting and wrestling matches which I believe denigrated practically nude women. This is alarming.

The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Would you hire someone who has a past of not following the law, has made reckless threats and has questionable character with immoral activity that vilified women, in which that person made a profit from? I would not and absolutely will not! As a citizens hiring board, we cannot let each other down with a mistake hire as our public official. We must not take any chances with who leads us in the courthouse.

Fortunately for us as voters, we have another candidate we can hire, Deanne Raymond. She already is the auditor/recorder and has done it exceptionally well. You cannot find anything concerning in her past with public records or her Internet activity. Deanne has served Marshall County well with honesty, integrity and accuracy. Vote for Deanne Raymond for Marshall County Auditor/Recorder.