Fisher is the wrong choice; vote for Nate Wrage

I truly like Dean Fisher; I just don’t like the way he votes. Cutting teachers, larger classes, dropping programs – our schools continue to be underfunded. Dean argues that we can’t spend money we don’t have. Then he should not have voted to send our money out of state to a virtual private school. We need it here.

Dean voted in favor of privatizing Medicaid-a disaster with people needing care suffering and providers frustrated with paperwork and non-payment. Dean should not continue to support for-profit privatization.

Branstad has never met a corporation he didn’t like or to which he would not give our tax money. This has become a lopsided practice – the money going to the top has meant less and less money for Iowans. Instead of supporting Branstad, Dean needs to vote so that more balance is restored.

The Senate came up with a carefully crafted plan for medical cannabis oil – a much stricter plan than Colorado. Dean voted against it. Research has shown the value of cannabis oil in relieving chemotherapy patients’ suffering and greatly reducing seizures. Regardless of your view here, when contronted by desperate parents with a seizure-stricken child, Dean should never have told them to go back to Colorado.

Nathan Wrage will fight to open mental health facilities, to fund schools promptly and adequately, to clean our water, and to restore a balance so that our tax money helps us at least as much as it helps corporations.

Dean Fisher is a good person, but because of his views and votes, I will support Nate Wrage.