Vote Price for sheriff

I have known and been a friend of Randy Price and his family for more than a decade. I remember like it was yesterday when Randy was a sheriff’s deputy. Randy used to work long and weird hours which the job requires. I know he will continue that if he becomes sheriff. He has told me he wants to work all areas and hours of the job if he is elected sheriff. From doing paperwork, watching over the jail, going on calls, driving around patrolling and giving backup to his people in the field. Randy is very knowledgeable and passionate about law enforcement. He is still young and I believe that’s what we need in a sheriff here in Marshall County. I know he will work well with the people of the county and city in the job of sheriff for I have worked for Randy over the past few years in the fall and winter helping him with his garage door business Optimal Overhead Doors & Openers. Randy is a leader, problem solver, has good temperament and is a very hard worker. Good luck to my friend and hopefully new sheriff of Marshall County.