Without a doubt, my vote is for Hoffman

I have worked for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for almost 11 years.

Early on, I was not looking for a career in law enforcement. I grew up on a farm and fully planned on working in agriculture. However, while participating in a civilian ride-along program through the sheriff’s office I met Steve Hoffman. I did a few ride alongs with him and quickly became interested in law enforcement. I knew back then that Steve had a passion for and dedication to the people of Marshall County. Over time, I worked many hours with Steve as an intern and reserve deputy. With his encouragement, I applied and was later hired as a deputy sheriff.

Steve has the qualities that are needed to be our sheriff. Working with Steve over the years, I have never met anyone so dedicated to the job. He works long hours and puts in the extra effort to make sure the job is done. Whether it be working a homicide case, drug case or even just a traffic complaint, he gives it his all.

I have learned a lot from Steve as well. His approach to law enforcement using CPR (Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect) is something he practices and has also instilled in me. I have met many people who have told me how they recalled a case or a call where they met Steve and how he treated them with respect and truly cared about their situation. I have had also several current or former jail inmates tell me how Steve has been professional and fair with them.

Steve Hoffman has a wealth of knowledge in the field of law enforcement. He is a go-to for questions on case law or policy and procedures. He has been involved in many leadership roles in our agency. He recently graduated from Northwestern University’s Command College.

On a personal level, Steve is very dedicated to his wife and children. With the often irregular or long hours required in law enforcement, he still stays very involved in the kids’ many activities and family events. Steve also remains involved in the community by sitting on different boards and committees and is involved in charitable organizations.

Steve is the most qualified candidate for sheriff. He is the one I trust to lead the agency that I count on to protect and serve my family and friends in Marshall County. Please join me in voting Hoffman for Sheriff.