Dack was a great commandant

The Iowa Veterans Home has had many commandants since 1887 but Jack Dack has to be rated high on the list.

A man of integrity and fairness, he always seemed to know what was the right and proper thing to do. And his mission in his working career was to help out fellow veterans. But just don’t try to pull the wool over his eyes, cause you couldn’t. He could see right through nonsense.

I was privileged to have Jack as a boss, neighbor and mentor for some 30+ years. The objective was to change the home from an outdated, mostly residential facility to a modern up-to-date health care center providing home-like services to veterans and spouses; and to maintain a high occupancy level in order to keep per diem costs to a minimum. Jack’s education at the University of Iowa was an an occupational therapist and he always tried hard to provide the many types of services and therapies that made the home a well-rounded service provider.

Yes, Jack was a talented commandant and he was honored to serve Iowa’s veterans. He always said “Serving veterans is the mission and should not be caught up in politics.” Marshalltown was fortunate by having that Southern Iowa boy serve as facility executive and as commandant.