Enough is enough

For years Marshalltown High School and Marshalltown has made it perfectly clear that if you (the youth) didn’t play football or basketball, you were nothing!

Then over $15 million was spent to restore the Roundhouse. We could have built a whole new high school for that. The land is right there. Just like at Miller, look at the millions spent on both buildings to remodel. We could have built more than two buildings. Look at the new school office building. Were the millions spent there really necessary, when work is needed at Anson?

Now we accept/ask for the basketball sculpture depicting that all that is played at the Roundhouse is basketball. Really? What about volleyball? What about wrestlers? Both of these sports are swept under the rug by the media, school and community.

Question is why? These athletes count too!

Parents and athletes, it is time to stand up and counted.

Now we are spending another $7 or $8 million. What is wrong with the people in this town? That well over $25 million for a Roundhouse on a high school that is 40 years old.