Generous gift is appreciated

On behalf of Iowa Valley Community College District, I want to issue a public and heartfelt “thank you” to Central Iowa Family Planning. In working through their CIFP clinic closings in Marshalltown and Grinnell last month, the organization chose to gift the Marshalltown Community College and Ellsworth Community College Medical Assisting programs with thousands of dollars’ worth of supplies and equipment for use by our MCC and ECC students.

The CIFP donation to our Medical Assisting programs is unprecedented, and it includes a five-page list of everything from sterile gloves and tongue depressors to an autoclave, microscopes, instruments, and other medical equipment worth several thousand dollars. As colleges providing state-of-the-art, hands-on training to our students, we are exceedingly grateful to receive these generous donations. The high-tech equipment will be of great use for many years, and the disposable items will be put to immediate use as our students practice hands-on procedures that involve so many different kinds of medical supplies.

I’m sure it was difficult, on many levels, for the administrators and staff members of Central Iowa Family Planning to close their local clinic doors. The fact that they chose to make such a generous donation in the midst of that difficulty speaks volumes. Their gifts will support the training of future healthcare professionals who share their dedication to the healthcare profession and their passion to serve patients everywhere.