Questions to those who voted for Trump

I have a few questions for those who voted for Donald Trump. Serious questions!

Did you vote for abolishing Obamacare knowing its ending would be delayed for three years because Republicans don’t have anything to replace it with?

Did you vote to have the Health and Human Services Secretary be in favor of privatizing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?

Did you vote to have a Goldman Sachs billionaire be Secretary of the Treasury?

Did you vote to have another billionaire, the “king of foreclosures,” to be Secretary of Commerce?

Did you vote to have yet another billionaire as Secretary of Education who would funnel money away from public schools and toward private education options, especially for-profit Charter schools and Christian-based schools?

Did you vote for a 14 percent tax cut for billionaires?

Did you expect Trump to face down Carrier and prevent them from moving to Mexico or did you vote to have the State of Indiana use tax incentives to keep 730 Carrier jobs in Indiana, have Carrier announce a 5 percent increase in cost of their units, and still lose over 1,400 jobs moving to Mexico?

Did you believe Trump when he said he would set up a blind trust for his business empire?

Did you expect Trump would take the job of President seriously by attending intelligence briefings?

Did you vote to have Trump enrich himself and his family by mixing business with diplomacy?

Did you expect Trump to violate laws prohibiting nepotism?

Did you expect Trump and his family to violate laws prohibiting receiving gifts from foreign entities?

Did you expect Trump to violate the law requiring public financial disclosure and ethics laws?

Did you expect Republican establishment leaders to direct the legislative agenda under Trump?

Did you vote to build new roads and bridges with private money resulting in toll roads and bridges?

Did you expect White Supremacists to be emboldened by Trump’s election?

Did you expect Congress to reject “Build it in America” as part of the Water Bill?

Did you vote to have the U.S. be very cozy with Putin and Russia?

Did you expect Trump to receive nearly 3 million votes less than Hillary Clinton with NO MANDATE?

Because you voted for Trump, this is what you got. Are you pleased? I’m not!