The work of women

At one of my favorite restaurants, I was in a conversation with Ron Wilson. I had writer’s block; not having any story to write about. Ron always has an answer for situations and he is always willing to give you ideas. Most responses are not pertinent but what he said, was very poignant. “Why don’t you write something about the women in our lives?” How timely that was because his wife had just returned from paying for the food and would soon escort him into his waiting car, then drive him home. Most mornings she has to take hold of his hand and march him out the door — he has a fault called “Talk-itis”: oblivious of time, he could talk for hours. I took Ron’s advice, opened my mind and these names came up. Ruth and Naomi, Rachael, Mary Magdalene, Deborah, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth and, of course, our own wives. All, were Good-women of their times. The Good-woman’s role in any culture, reveals her to be a Superwoman. I witnessed that recently at the New Hope Church. A family rose from their seat at intermission; the wife had two babies on her hip and guiding another one through the line. The husband was childless but he did have his hand on a child’s head. Throughout all time, women have born an unfair share of the family labor. If the circumstances were reversed, how many men would accept the labor-dominated tasks of the female? I would be safe in saying “None.” So what else can be said about women? Proverbs 10:1 says, a wise son makes a glad father but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother. The meaning is rather obvious: both — parents share responsibility in the training of their off-spring. The mother is the nurturing, caring, compassionate teacher and the father trains the child in the heavier facets of life. This Parable is a comparison about making “wise” and “foolish” choices. A Good-woman is the cement that holds the family together. Knowing this to be true, what a perfect time of year for married men to be thankful — seeing their women in the light of Spiritual truth. Even though Christmas is over hope, joy and peace are still the focus of our lives. Talk to the one who knows all and sees all for he wants the best for his children.