Understanding the election process

A poem recently published in the T-R brought to my attention how many people do not understand our election system and think that our country is a democracy, which is is not. It is a democratic republic and the electoral system was set up to give all states a voice in the election system.

You see the electoral system guarantees that the big states such as California and New York do not control the election process.

If you want to see where the democrats won the popular vote, check the votes from these states. I am glad that our forefathers had the foresight to see that the most populous states did not control our election process.

It amazes me how may citizens know very little about our election process and how it protects the rural and small states.We Iowans would have no voice in the election process based on popular vote. Do you really want the citizens of California and New York to dictate to you who our president will be?